Albion Agency specializes in shipping, and we focus all of our efforts on safeguarding cargo and minimizing costs while maximizing the effectiveness of moving freight to offshore locations.

Albion Agency has highly qualified, professional employees who understand the individual needs of each customer and product and the shipping choices available. Every member of the team has more than five years of shipping expertise.

We have established ourselves as the leading name in North America as a freight forwarding and logistics management agency. Thanks to our global network, connections with the major ports and shipping agents worldwide, and our continued approach towards forward-thinking, innovative techniques, and customer satisfaction.

Our cutting-edge methods include determining the optimum path for your cargo so that you can save time and money while maximizing results. We strive to satisfy our customers by ensuring that you are satisfied with the entire procedure. Our tailored strategy means we will collaborate closely with your team to give you ongoing assistance and information.


Albion Agency has the expertise, know-how, and commitment to export or import your goods, whether you send them abroad to Africa, Asia, Australia, America, Europe, or even over provincial borders in Canada. Our precautions guarantee a problem-free delivery and collection process and, best of all, exceptional rates for you.